The Software solution to manage assets in a dynamic, transparent and collaborative way.

The Smart Way to Shape Your Asset Management

Configurable and Customizable

Parameterization of processes and the possibility of customization, enables the software to adapt to any organizational model and industrial sector.

Reticular System

Web and mobile usability allow easy and effective maintenance management in any location. All the resources involved, both internal and external, can collaborate within a single integrated platform.

UX Centered

Designed to maximize the User Experience. The navigation interface and highly intuitive reference functions make it an easy to use platform.

Functional Diagram


Asset Management

Guarantees a complete encoding of company assets with general data, technical data, location data (with Geolocation), images and external documents (e.g. technical manuals). The printing of the QRcode or BarCode facilitates the census phase.

Maintenance Requests

Allows the management of maintenance requests. Via web interface or mobile application, you can create requests by detailing date, priority, entity, applicant and attach supporting photographs.

Maintenance Scheduling Calendar

Interactive schedule of maintenance interventions that automatically collects and generates scheduled interventions at time or quantitative frequency and breakdown request.

Work Order Assignment

Allows you to assign one or more maintenance tasks directly from the schedule. The authorized operator can generate maintenance reports by assigning them to external suppliers or qualified internal personnel.

Warehouse and Spare Parts

Allows the management of spare parts master data, correlation with suppliers and price lists. It is possible to code different warehouses on which to allocate spare parts, also integrating third parts systems for the loading of master data.

Maintenance Reports

Allows the control of operations managed by internal staff and external suppliers during the entire life cycle, until their closure. The system has adequate interfaces (based on the Kanban method) for effective process control.

Supplier Qualification

Allows for easy coding of maintenance-enabled suppliers and their qualifications thanks to the management of documentation (e.g. DURC) and schedules.

Supplier Portal

By accessing their reserved web area, suppliers can consult their personal data and manage all maintenance operations and related documentation.


The dashboard allows the definition and management of customized performance indicators that can measure the process and provide useful information to functional managers.

Kairos Asset Management
is also Mobile

It has a Mobile App (Smartphone/Tablet) for the management of maintenance operations that allows:

  • Company Notice-board
  • Asset master query
  • Assets’ QrCode reading
  • Maintenance and opening request
  • Taking charge of the assigned operations
  • Maintenance management with the possibility of:
    • Check-in/out on operation for real-time recording
    • Flag on completed activities
    • Recording hours to balance sheet
    • Spare parts Allocation
    • Acquisition of photographic images
    • Query of work in progress

What JMG Cranes S.p.a. loves about Kairos Asset Management

Find out how JMG Cranes, a leading manufacturer of battery-powered electric self-propelled cranes, has made the maintenance management process efficient and reliable.